We're Green!

We’re committed to providing quality cleaning services that are safe and sustainable for employees, clients, and the environment.

Our long term goal is to continue to find creative sustainable solutions for the challenges of conducting business in a changing world. We want at all times to treat people and resources with respect and dignity. We care about the people within the local communities we serve, and therefore have a responsibility to positively impact the environment of those communities. Additionally, as participants in the global economy it is also our objective to contribute positively to the health of the Earth’s environment at large, and to protect its precious resources.

Some of the ways in which we practice environmental stewardship are:

Using cloth towels instead of paper towels

We use cloth towels for cleaning, which can be washed and reused many times, while paper towels can be used only once before having to be tossed in the garbage. We also use cloth mop covers which can be washed and reused many times, unlike Swiffer pads.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products

We use cleaning products that will have a low impact on the environment as much as possible, such as water, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. We try to keep using bleach-based products to a minimum, and only in areas where sanitation is important.

Maximizing the efficiency of driving routes

We work to create efficient driving routes for our teams to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and wear and tear on vehicles.

Recycling and reusing items

Both in our office and in our clients’ homes we participate in recycling all recyclable materials.In our office we reuse items as much as we are able, such as using worn cloth towels for cleaning our office when they are no longer acceptable for use in our clients’ homes, and using parts from old vacuums to fix new ones.

Buying in bulk to reduce packaging

We buy products in bulk as much as is possible in order to reduce packaging.

Repurposing vehicles

The majority of our fleet of vehicles are police cars that have been repurposed for our teams.

Transforming unused space into office space

Our office is housed in a historic building in East Durham which was transformed from an abandoned warehouse to community office space.

Fostering an environment of sharing and exchange

We encourage our employees to bring unwanted clothing and household items to pass on to others, so that employees can utilize existing resources rather than purchasing new materials.

Green Wherever We Can be!

Our office has a bank of windows that provide natural light in every season. We hold remote meetings to save our employees from traveling. Our invoices and communication with our clients are primarily paperless. We only print essential documents. Our thermostats are set for business hours. We support local vendors.