Home Cleaning Services in Cary & Apex

If you live in Cary or Apex, you know there are countless things to see and do! These vibrant communities are home to beautiful parks, scenic hiking trails, top-notch restaurants, boutique shopping, and cozy coffee shops. With so much to explore and enjoy, who has time to clean their home and relax with loved ones?

At Carpe Diem Cleaning, we understand the importance of making choices that prioritize your peace of mind and free time. Our mission is to give you the freedom to enjoy what you love while we care for your cleaning needs.

Our teams of dedicated, responsive women arrive promptly, equipped with everything needed to make your home sparkle. All you need to do is get on our schedule, and we will handle the rest.

Choose Your Cleaning Service

Free up your weekends with our Regular Weekly or Monthly Maintenance Cleaning. Choose the schedule that works best for your budget. This cleaning includes:

  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen and bathroom spaces.
  • Thoroughly disinfecting sinks, showers, toilets, and faucets.
  • Dusting all flat surfaces, including ceiling fans and baseboards.
  • Cleaning window sills and air vents.
  • Changing and freshening bed linens, along with making the bed.
  • Vacuuming carpets and furniture, followed by mopping all floors.
  • Sanitizing all floors and flat surfaces.
  • Taking out trash and recycling.

Add-on services include fridge and oven cleaning and inside window cleaning.

Weekly or Monthly House Cleaning

You know what you need - a clean house!

Deep Cleaning

You need a team to help with cleaning your house, then you'll be okay for a while.

Move-In/Move Out Cleaning

Take this long list of things off your list of things to do. Pssst... Realtors this is a great gift for your clients!

Carpe Diem Cleaning

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Our Favorite Things to Do in Cary & Apex

Here are some of our favorite things to do in the area:

Enjoy the best of Cary and Apex without worrying about cleaning—let us give you more time for what truly matters!

Colorful water fountain at dusk in downtown Cary, North Carolina.