Our pricing is based on man-hours needed to complete a thorough cleaning, the size of your house or apartment, the number of bathrooms, any optional areas you would like cleaned and recurrence of scheduled service. Maintenance cleanings are less expensive and our most popular option. Upon completing the quote form regarding your specific cleaning needs, a team member will help you select a service plan that best meets your needs and fits your budget.    

A one-time or deep cleaning of a new client’s home requires extra man hours to do a thorough cleaning in areas that haven’t been cleaned regularly. Our team members usually spend 1 to 3 times longer to clean a first-time house or apartment than they will with a maintenance cleaning. Why the extra time? If your home has never been professionally cleaned, there is likely unseen build-up lurking in crevices and out of reach surfaces. Our staff will need to remove the extra dirt, dust grime, and build-up before we can commit to a successful maintenance schedule.

 Deep Cleaning is required service before beginning recurring service. Once you start regular cleaning, our teams get to know your home and concentrate on maintaining it. Think of it like getting regular maintenance on your car, it saves time and money in future services because it has received ongoing care.

Carpe Diem Cleaning takes several measures to make our business more sustainable. We use clothes instead of paper towels, maximize the efficiency of our driving routes, purchase in bulk to reduce waste, and incorporate natural cleaning products into our cleaning process as much as possible. 

Learn more about our green practices here

We love pets and want your furry friends to feel comfortable and stress-free while the team is servicing your home. It is, however, in your best interest to ensure that your pets are not interfering with the team during their visits. 


Current Customers

It is best to remove all the clutter/items from any surface that you would like cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. The teams will either clean around floor items or put things in a pile in the room. We will do the cleaning!

 We provide everything you need to clean your home. We will consider special requests if you have a product or piece of equipment that you prefer. We bring freshly sanitized microfiber cloths and use commercial grade eco friendly cleaners into every individual home. Our vacuums have low noise quality and Hepa filters. We use bleach in high germ areas such as the sinks, toilets and if needed the shower. Or let us know if you prefer a bleach alternative.


Yes. Contact us in advance to meet your request. We want our service to meet your needs, and we will make adjustments based on your needs. We understand circumstances that require you to cancel at the last minute. We accommodate rescheduling within 7 days to avoid a cost.

No, you do not need to be home. Expectations and detailed instructions are established prior to your first visit, so you don’t need to be home. Providing a key for entry is recommended, and all customer keys are coded and kept safe in a lockbox at our office. Providing a key will avoid inconvenience and help prevent unnecessary “lockouts” and associated penalty fees. 

We will send an email reminder to you two days before your cleaning. One day before your cleaning, we will email you with a two-hour window of time and send you a text on the day of your cleaning, if you sign up for this, when the team is on their way!