Cleaning Tips For Pollen Season In NC

Is Deep Spring Cleaning on your list of things to do?

If you live in Durham, North Carolina, or anywhere in the Triangle, you know when spring weather arrives, pollen and allergies quickly follow. This yellowish-green film covers the earth, cars, pets, and everything around your home.

It doesn’t last long, but post-pollen cleaning is needed, especially if someone you love is prone to seasonal allergies. In this blog, we provide insight about when pollen season arrives and provide tips on how to clean pollen, how to reduce the amount of it in your home, and how thorough cleaning can reduce allergy symptoms.

How to Get Pollen Out of The House

Carpe Diem Cleaning is up to the task!

Pollen isn’t just a nuisance outdoors; it can also find its way into your home, triggering allergic reactions and making life miserable for allergy sufferers. That’s why it’s crucial to take proactive steps to eliminate pollen from your living space.

The quickest and easiest way to remove pollen from your home is to call a professional house cleaning service to clean your house or apartment.

Carpe Diem Cleaning is here with hassle-free scheduling, arrive on time, and bring every tool and commercial-grade eco-friendly cleaning product required to remove pollen from the surfaces in your home. We invest in giving your home a deep spring cleaning; we offer deep post-pollen cleaning and a checklist of many areas we tend to neglect over the winter.

If you have never used Carpe Diem Cleaning in Durham, North Carolina, and you schedule a deep cleaning, you automatically receive ten percent off your service. 

Being part of the small business landscape in Durham, North Carolina, for the last thirty years, our professional house cleaning company has an edge in helping you with your house cleaning needs.

Not only can we make the inside of your home sparkle and shine, but we also want to share our best tips for making your entire space ready for guests or for you to enjoy time doing the things you love and want to do. We are trained, insured, and bonded; we love to clean. Read more about our vision and values here.

When is Pollen Season in North Carolina?

Pollen season does not have a specific start or ending date, much depends on the onset of warmer temperatures, the amount of rain, and what is growing in the area.

We generally find that once the temperatures have consistently remained 70°F for a week or so, pollen levels rise and the yellow dusting starts to arrive.

Here is a quick resource from the CDC with a definition of pollen and guide to learn more.

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Here is a list of tips on how to reduce pollen in your home or apartment.

  • Have door mats at every door, both inside and outside: Wipe your shoes on the mat out, and leave your shoes by the door. Pollen comes in with you, your family, friends, and pets.
  • Wipe off your pets: Use pet-friendly wipes to pat down your furry animals if they go outside.
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  • Keep a spray bottle of half water, half white vinegar, and a touch of dish detergent on hand to wipe down surfaces: You will be vacuuming more during this time, and an extended dusting tool is helpful.
  • Use HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner: You will need to vacuum more than usual during the pollen season. HEPA filters are better for trapping small particles like pollen.
  • Change your air filters and vacuum vent covers.
  • Keep windows and doors closed, and use your HVAC to re-circulate the air in your home.
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  • Frequesntly wash sheets, pillowcases, and bed linens: Use hot, soapy water and wash these 2-3x/week during the height of the pollen season.
  • Cover your pillows and mattresses with allergen barrier covers. 
    Consider replacing your pillows when pollen season is over or if you haven’t done this in the last year or two.
  • Clean hidden areas:  These include ceiling fans, blinds, and curtains. Carpe Diem Cleaning does not miss these areas during regular maintenance or deep cleaning.
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Why Is Post-Pollen Cleaning Important?

Post-pollen cleaning is important because pollen particles can settle on various surfaces indoors, triggering allergic reactions for individuals sensitive to pollen. These allergens can linger in your home, leading to discomfort and aggravating allergy symptoms.

By thoroughly cleaning your home after pollen season, you can effectively remove pollen residue, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and creating a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

The most important thing you can do is to take care of yourself and ask for help.

Help can arrive from a team of trained professional house cleaners in your area. Cleaning stirs up the dust and pollen; if you are suffering already, it is okay to call someone to take care of you and your family. Request a free quote for your home cleaning online today.

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