4 Ways to Prepare for Trick-or-Treating

Do you have young children who you’ll be trick-or-treating with this year? Or will you be holding down the fort while trick-or-treaters come to you? It can be challenging to prepare for this (sometimes) over the top holiday, but we read on to find out our tips for having a fun-filled Halloween this year!

4 Ways to Prepare for Trick-or-Treating | Carpe Diem CleaningTrick-or-Treating with Kids

Tip #1 Try on costumes ahead of time & modify as needed.

This tip may be a no-brainer for you if your kids are so excited about their costume that they’ve already tried it on multiple times. Make sure to test out your children’s costume beforehand to make sure that little kids (2 and under) won’t be scared of their costume or miserable. You can also have your older kids try on their costume and plan ahead of time how to alter it if the weather throws a monkey wrench into what they’re wearing.

For example, if it’s freezing and their princess dress won’t be warm enough, have a long-sleeved shirt and leggings ready so they can layer those underneath their costume. This is the only holiday where a coat won’t work on a cold night! If you’re child has layers on, they will still show everyone their costume while not being miserable in the cold. They’ll be ready to walk to more houses without coming down with a cold.

Tip #2 Have a plan for getting rid of the candy.

After Halloween, have a game plan for how much candy you want to keep around the house. Some ways to use up extra chocolate bars (as if you need any!) include adding them to a brownie mix or even a homemade milkshake. Will you eat some of your kids’ chocolate (no shame here!), throw away the candy they don’t like, or dole out one per day in their lunch box for a certain number of days? It’s up to you.

Trick-or-Treating without Kids

4 Ways to Prepare for Trick-or-Treating | Carpe Diem CleaningTip #3 Be ready to greet trick-or-treaters when you turn your light on.

Prep the place where you’ll be sitting if your neighborhood stays busy on Halloween. Keep a water bottle close by, and make sure you’ve already used the bathroom before you turn your light on.

If you haven’t turned your lights on for a couple of years, check with a neighbor to see how much candy you should buy ahead of time. Know how much you’re okay with providing and be okay with turning your lights out and turning kids away if you run out of candy. You can also have back up candy ready in case you run out of the first batch.

Tip #4 Have a little something extra for your friends or parents in the neighborhood.

Use your crock pot to make chili or hot chocolate for neighborhood friends who stop by the house. You can dole out chili or hot chocolate in disposable containers to make it easy for them to eat or drink while they wander the neighborhood.

Bonus Tip

This one takes some serious commitment! If you want to do something extra for kids who are super polite and say “please” and “thank you,” etc. you could consider having special candy (even full-sized candy) in your house for them to pick out. Of course, they would come into your home with their parents’ permission.

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