Easy Way to Clean the Bathroom Sink Drain

We’ve all been there.

The water in the bathroom sink isn’t draining very fast, and waiting a few days doesn’t help. If you are industrious, you might ask a friend to search online for “How to Clean a Bathroom Sink Drainor consider taking an introductory plumbing class.

No one has time for these pesky maintenance things when you could meet friends, take a walk, or relax.

We understand cleaning and know how precious free time is these days. We have been cleaning homes and apartments at Carpe Diem Cleaning in Durham, NC for almost three decades. Our business exists to give people more time and peace of mind by seizing a clean day.

Looking closer at the drain in your bathroom sink, you might see black, slimy gunk when you lift the stopper. You might wonder what that is; it is unpleasant, so if you want the answer,scroll to the bottom of the pageIf you wish to remain blissfully unaware and want to try these things to clean the drain quickly, we’ve got you covered. 

Trying to Remove a Clog? Here is What You Need

Let’s proceed with the items and supplies you will need:

  • Put on some fun music or plan a treat afterward.

  • Clean off the counter around the sink. Grab a plunger.
  • Pour a half gallon of boiling water into the drain. Plunge the drain a few times to loosen the clog.

Now That You Have The Supplies, You Can Remove the Clog

  • Remember to use natural ingredients when cleaning your bathroom or shower drain;
    this doesn’t damage the pipes and is also good for the environment. So gather baking soda, and vinegar

(white, apple cider, or lemon juice)

  • Spoon 1 cup of baking soda slowly into the drain.
    Allow the baking soda to sit for about 7-10 minutes. Then pour 1 cup of the white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice down the drain.
    Cover the opening by using the stopper or a drain stop.
  • Let the mixture sit for one hour.
    (Here is where you can take a break and do something for yourself, plumbing is hard work!).
    Then rinse with another half-gallon of boiling water.
  • Repeat the process if needed.
    At times these clogs can be stubborn and annoying.
  • Consider routinely giving your bathroom sink drain some care.
    If you pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly into your bathroom sink drain,
    this can help keep it clean and smelling great and prevent clogs in the future.

Keeping Your Sink Clean and Clog-Free

Keeping your sink drain clean and well-maintained is essential for preventing clogs and ensuring smooth water flow. Start by regularly removing any visible debris from the drain opening, such as food particles and hair.

Once a week, pour a mixture of one cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar down the drain. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes to break down any buildup, then flush it with boiling water. To maintain a fresh-smelling drain, periodically grind citrus peels in your garbage disposal if you have one, or use a commercial drain cleaner that is safe for your plumbing system.

Also, a drain strainer must be installed to catch large debris before it enters the pipes. Incorporating these simple practices into your routine lets you keep your sink drain clean and free from blockages.

Remember, here is the answer to the awful question:

What is the black gunk in my bathroom sink drain?
It is created by a build-up of bacteria living on hair, hand soaps, shaving cream, skin cells, lotion, toothpaste, and phlegm. (Ewwww!)

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