Is My House Too Dirty for a Cleaning Service?

You have asked the all-important question:

“Is my house too dirty to hire a cleaning service?”

The answer is yes, it is too dirty! Wait, we are only messing with you, so by all means, consider a house cleaning service, and this might be the time to take the step, make the call, or click the button.

You have even searched for “house cleaning services near me,” which is another important clue that it may be time for that deep cleaning. If you have wondered and asked, you know your house would be perfect for deep house cleaning! We have found in our almost 30 years of professional house cleaning services that most people are embarrassed or overwhelmed and need help with how to approach getting their house cleaned.

To answer your questions and hesitations, we have compiled a list of things to consider:

1.- Consider how valuable your time is in your current situation.

You can also go a little deeper than an actual deep cleaning and ask yourself, Do I deserve to have a professional house cleaning service?” If you are fretting about the shame or guilt that you probably are physically capable of cleaning and scrubbing your kitchen, tub, shower, and toilets, and yet you don’t want to or don’t have the time. You are not alone. We have found that many of our clients who have had regular maintenance cleaning services struggled with the same thing. Sometimes they don’t want to be identified or refer their neighbors for service because they don’t want people to know about their secret house cleaning. Isn’t it about time that you free yourself of that idea? If we have learned anything from our collective Covid experience, it would be that time doing the things we love to do with the people that matter is the most important thing.

Life is short. Carpe diem, seize the day!

2.- Consider the cost of a professional house cleaning.

Residential house cleaning is a competitive industry. So what is important to you? Do you want an individual house cleaner or a team? Does it matter if they are insured, bonded, and trained? Do you have someone to call if you are unsatisfied with the service? Are you looking to support a local small business? Does your housecleaner get paid a living wage? What cleaning products are used, and do you have to provide them? Is your house cleaner using your vacuum cleaner? If so, you might expect the same result as when you vacuum. Our company uses eco-friendly cleaners, or you can provide what you like. We also invest in industrial-grade tools and vacuum cleaners. The suction on our vacuum cleaners is so intense your small animals need to be secured in your home. Answer the questions, research, or get a referral from a friend or neighbor. Often a small local business will give incentives for referrals. All of the factors usually determine the price for a residential house cleaning.

3.- When would a cleaner not be able to clean my home?

This is a great question! Being in the cleaning business for almost 30 years, we have an amazing number of interesting stories that we are confident with the answer to your question. 

    • Aggressive pets are the first and most common reason. The majority of our clients have pets in the home, and we love to know their names, where they are, and if they will be secured or if we will clean around them while in your home. When we say aggressive, we mean that someone or the pet is at high risk for anxiety, and the threat of harm is evident. 
    • Bug infestation will prevent the cleaning. Once you have taken care of that, a house cleaning service is ready and willing to clean your home.
    • Mold or toxins in the home will prevent a cleaning. We wear masks for Covid protocols and have frequent glove changes to avoid cross-contamination, but most cleaners are not prepared to protect themselves necessarily.

4.- Housecleaners do not judge the homeowner.

How do we know this? Our trained teams of capable women are moms, wives, sisters, daughters, and friends, and they have life experience and a high level of integrity in the realm of understanding. They have seen thousands of homes, and we promise they have seen worse than what is happening in your home. We have a re-quoting process. If a team arrives and recognizes that it will take longer than the estimate, they stay and re-quote the job. Having a system in place helps give you peace of mind. It happens every week. For a cleaning company, this is standard practice. Keep in mind this is another thing to consider. You have recourse if you have a team of people under an office and company umbrella. If unsatisfied, you can take your concerns to a higher authority. You can’t complain or ask for a refund when you clean your own home. 

5.- Clear the clutter.

This also answers the question, “Do I have to clean before the cleaners?” No, why would you clean before the housecleaners? Clean up after your family or company or if your nit-picky friend or relative is visiting. But don’t clean before the cleaners. Clear the clutter off every countertop. Our tip is to put it in a laundry basket and then sift through it when you have time. The more available counter space or tabletop space you leave, the more the housecleaners can clean and sanitize. Do you have lots of items or toys on the floor? Move them all into a corner. The house cleaners will clean around them, and then when you have time, put those things away. There is a difference between dirt and clutter. 


6.- Treat Yourself to a One-Time Professional House Cleaning.

How will you know what it’s like? It might surprise you. Most people spot clean or clean parts of their house in bursts. Walking into your home that has been cleaned will cause your neck and back to relax, and you have a surprise block of time to do something else. 

You are getting this information from a locally owned professional house cleaning company! Carpe Diem Cleaning has been in business in Durham, North Carolina, for almost thirty years, and we have trained hundreds of employees who have cleaned thousands of homes and apartments each year.