Celebrating Growth with Sunflowers & Expansion

We believe that one of the best ways to appreciate the world’s beauty is by admiring a meadow full of wildflowers.

We’re thrilled to share with our vibrant community that in celebration of thirty strong years in business, we’re seizing the day in the most beautiful way possible—by sponsoring a stunning wildflower area right here in the heart of North Carolina!

This sunflower field sponsorship is a part of the North Carolina Department of Transportation initiated the Wildflower Program. Learn more about the program and our journey to get here in our recent blog post.

Located off 147 South near Chapel Hill Street, this sunflower field was planted to bloom alongside nature’s cycle, the wildflowers are set to bloom in the coming weeks and again late this summer. We were excited to visit the area this week and see the growth! Our Carpe Diem Cleaning sign will be placed along the roadside in this area later this week, keep an eye out!

Parallel Growth: Sunflowers and Carpe Diem Cleaning

Just as our sunflowers are experiencing a natural and planned growth cycle, Carpe Diem Cleaning is also blooming in many ways. This summer, we are expanding our service area into Cary and Apex. This strategic growth plan mirrors the growth of our sunflower field, representing the trust and support we’ve earned from our community over the years.

Both the sunflowers and our company are a testament to the dedication, teamwork, and vision that have fueled our success. The dual bloom of the wildflowers can be likened to the continuous improvement and innovation within Carpe Diem Cleaning, where we are always seeking new ways to serve our customers better.

The Value of Sustainability

This wildflower initiative is our way of embracing nature and highlighting local flora and pollinators’ crucial role in maintaining thriving ecosystems for a more sustainable future.

With our service area expansion into Cary & Apex, we will also be taking steps to reduce carbon emissions during our cleaning visits.

Enjoy Beauty & Growth This Summer

We encourage our clients to take time to step out and enjoy the flowers this summer while we clean your homes! Enjoy the beauty that a clean home and cleaner Earth has to offer.

Ready to take a step toward growth this summer? Free up time in your schedule and spend your weekends doing what you love. Leave the cleaning to us. We are reliable, responsive, and we do things right. Request a quote online today.