How much does it cost to have my house cleaned?

Using a local cleaning company is a great way to customize your cleaning needs

Maintaining a clean and organized home is essential for many homeowners, but finding the time and energy to handle all the cleaning tasks can be challenging. Enlisting the help and service of a house cleaning company can be of great assistance, you can have time to do the things you love and want to do.

We know house cleaning and have been putting smiles on the faces of home owners in the Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Morrisville and Briar Creek areas for almost 30 years. As a potential client you might be interested to know about the factors influencing house cleaning prices.

Using a local cleaning company is a great way to customize your cleaning needs by the areas you want cleaned and staying within a budget.

Consider the following factors:

  • Size of your home and the areas that you would like to be cleaned:
    The size of your home is one of the primary factors influencing residential house and apartment cleaning prices. Housecleaning companies typically calculate prices based on square footage, as larger homes require more time, effort, and resources to clean thoroughly. More rooms, bathrooms, and living areas translate into additional cleaning tasks, resulting in a higher price range. This is where you can customize. At Carpe Diem Cleaning, we honor your preferences and offer cleaning services, from only having the kitchen and bathrooms cleaned to Deep Seasonal cleaning.
  • Frequency of Cleaning:
    The frequency of your residential house cleaning services significantly determines the pricing structure.  House cleaning companies often offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning packages. The more frequent the service, the more cost-effective it tends to be, as regular maintenance cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt and grime, reducing the overall cleaning time and effort required.
  • Scope of Services:
    The specific cleaning tasks you require will also impact the pricing structure. Standard cleaning services typically cover dusting, vacuuming, mopping, surface wiping, and bathroom cleaning. However, additional tasks like window cleaning, porch cleaning, deep cleaning, or specialized services such as oven or refrigerator cleaning may incur extra charges. Customizing the services to meet your specific needs will affect the overall pricing. Let’s be honest, having your oven cleaned after a big family gathering is worth it. 
  • Condition of the Home:
    The overall condition of your home can affect the pricing structure, especially for a first-time or deep cleaning services. If your home requires extensive cleaning due to neglect or a build-up of dirt, grime, or clutter, it will require more time and effort from the cleaning professionals. Most cleaning companies charge by the number of man hours that it takes to clean and is quoted by the overall scope of the job.
  • Geographic Location:
    Geographic location is another factor that can influence house cleaning prices. The cost of living varies from region to region, which can reflect in the pricing structure of cleaning services. The rates are likely to be comparatively higher in metropolitan areas or cities with higher living expenses than in rural or less expensive areas.
  • Additional Factors:
    Additional factors can affect house cleaning prices. These include the professionalism and reputation of the cleaning service provider, the number of cleaning professionals required for the job, the cleaning products and equipment used, and any specific requests or additional services you might need. At Carpe Diem Cleaning we clean houses and apartments in teams, which means we are in your home less time than individual cleaners, this can be an advantage. We offer customized cleaning plans by request and are often offer incentives and discounts. 

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