How to Clean When You are Overwhelmed and more!

Pumpkins, apple cider, falling leaves are pointing to fall. This means that we are using our ovens more than before, which means we are offering FREE Oven Cleaning!!! (Cue upbeat music and dancing avocados) All you need to do is ask when you schedule your cleaning. Really?! That’s all, just ask, and my oven gets cleaned? Yes!!

We have all experienced it, especially this past year or two, that sense of being overwhelmed. There are too many things to do and not enough time, and let’s be honest, most of us need more energy to meet the demands of our real life. When it comes to cleaning while you are overwhelmed, the physical activity of cleaning and the sight of a clean house can help you feel better, while having a messy house can worsen your mood. However, when you aren’t sleeping well, being pulled in so many directions, and ongoing uncertainty, mustering the energy to clean can feel almost impossible. Here are a few strategies that can help you clean when you are overwhelmed.

Focus on one area of your home:

Only one, we suggest the place where you get the most amount of restoration; your bedroom. Clear a path from your bed to the first place you go after your feet hit the floor. For now, don’t worry about if it needs vacuuming. That might be a task for later when you have more energy, or one of our trained teams comes in for a deep house cleaning. Change your sheets. Having clean and fresh linens on your bed will immediately give you a boost. If you schedule a deep fall cleaning and leave out your linens, we will change them for you. Now, most people head to the bathroom after waking from their sleep. Cleaning the bathroom, including the sinks, counters, tub, and toilet, can stop you from taking another step. Call us; we are right here to help with this. Let us bring the cleaners, disinfectants and do the scouring and scrubbing!

Set  a timer for 10 minutes and stay in one area of the house:

It happens; you walk into a room on a mission and then wonder what brought you there, so you start something else, and then it goes on. Twelve tasks later, you don’t have any of them completed. Staying in one area and cleaning is not as easy as it sounds. So set a timer and focus. This also helps minimize the number of decisions you have to make at one time. You will be amazed at what you will accomplish. When you have our teams clean your house, they have a cleaning system. We suggest choosing one area and diving deep into the cleaning. Declutter the kitchen counter, fold the laundry or put the dishes away. Once you have completed a task, you may have more time than you would expect to tackle something else; if not, that is okay!

Store your cleaning supplies where you use them:

Buying cleaning supplies doesn’t sound like fun, so buying more than you think you need sounds even worse. Think about the amount of time and energy it takes to set yourself up for house cleaning. It is a lot, so make it easier by having multiple sets of cleaning supplies in the kitchen, in each bathroom, under the sinks, or have anti-bacterial wipes near each countertop. If you get the energy, you don’t have to walk and find them, only reach down and wipe off the counter. 

Don’t clean alone

Friends don’t let friends clean alone. We have been living in isolation and loneliness for so long, and it is difficult to reach out to a friend if you are struggling. This is the time to do it anyway. Invite someone over, put on some music, and offer to help them clean and organize. If you are struggling, chances are you are not alone. Our cleaning teams rely on each other to help; sharing in the cleaning makes it go quicker and builds relationships. We all have our favorite things that we like to do to clean our house. They are not the same, if you love to clean the fridge, your friend would appreciate that as a quality time gift. 

If you have limited energy, go to the most used part of the house:

For most of us, we know where our home’s most traffic and highest use area are, the entryway with the shoes, the kitchen, the family room, or a home office. So target that area. Spending the smallest amount of energy there can yield the highest impact because it is seen and used most often. Putting away all the shoes will give you the feeling of accomplishment. If you schedule your house for a deep fall cleaning, we will clean from top to bottom, ceiling fan blades to every nook, and cranny of every floor. If you have never had your entire house cleaned at the same time, it is well worth it!

Take a laundry basket to one room of the house and place all the items that don’t belong in the room in the basket:

Then take those items to the next room, put away the items that belong there and repeat. Does that one make sense? Instead of addressing one item at a time, this leads to increased distraction and loss of focus; you have only the items in the basket. You can minimize your time putting things away and cover a greater amount of areas in your home. This one takes some practice, but we promise it works. By now, you might realize that this is really not about cleaning; it is about energy management. Here at Carpe Diem Cleaning, we know residential house cleaning. We understand that living in Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina; there are far too many fun things to do than being inside cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming your carpet. Our mission is for you to seize the day!

Water the plants:

If that is what you have time and energy to do, it is one of the most valuable ways to add to your immediate environment. Taking care of a plant is an easy win, for the most part. We are eco-friendly and women-owned, and operate earth stewarding small local businesses. That means that we support you with your green thumbs in your home. We carefully dust the leaves if you request that and appreciate the oxygen that plants provide. Plants are natural air purifiers; they add to your decor and don’t have to be driven anywhere after school.

Add Essential Oils to your vacuum cleaner

This is a surprisingly fun and easy way to bring back some life to cleaning. We use lavender and citrus, not together, but we mix it up with the one we use each week.; if. Adding a few drops of essential oils to the vacuum cleaner diffuses fragrances in the home, making the completed task have a lasting impact. Lavender is known for its peaceful and calming qualities, while citrus is known to perk up the senses. So you decide or choose your favorite essential oil, that is a decision that is not stressful, choose your favorite. 


We hope this is helpful. We want you to enjoy the time you have and do the things you love and want to do. As always, we appreciate you and are here to clean your entire house for you. Call us; we’re here.