Scavenger Hunt in Durham, North Carolina

Are you looking for a free, fun idea for a date night or night out with friends?

You can also make this family-friendly by walking, pushing a stroller, or taking a scooter. These locations are mostly within walking distance of one another or a quick drive from one place to the other. You can personalize this time, making it long or short, doing each task, or eating ice cream at the end! 

Here at Carpe Diem Cleaning, we want you to have time with the people you love, doing things that bring you relaxation and contentment.

We have been a part of the Bull City for almost 30 years, and we love Durham for the hidden street art, great food, friendly people, and interesting treasures hiding in plain sight in and around the downtown area.

So let’s plan your mini-adventure!

Decide if you want to do a photo or a walking downtown Durham hunt.
  • Decide if you want to do a photo or a walking downtown Durham hunt:
    These places will make great photo backdrops for your Instagram feed. You can make it more interesting if you go ahead and plant prizes or secret clues. No worries if you want to go along at your own pace and at your own time;

Just enjoy what we have planned for you. 

  • Begin at the American Tobacco Campus, across from the Durham Bulls Stadium:
    There is a parking garage on Blackwell Street. You can always find a couple of scooters to hop on, and off you go.

Clue: Who is the famous mascot for the Durham Bulls?
Answer: Wool E. Bull (Note this is not Wool E. Bull in the photo. This is Dusty Mc Clean, our Carpe Diem team member.)

  • Stroll around the ATC looking for the trumpet player in the window of one of the offices,
    Ahhhh,and read the funny greeting cards at Parker and Otis. Say hello to Chef Zwelli, the renowned chef and owner of Ekhaya, a fantastic new Bantu tapas restaurant. Zwellis was the first Zimbabwean restaurant in the United States.

What country is represented at Ekhaya?
Answer: Zimbabwe

What does Ekhaya mean?
Answer: Home

  • Walk all the way down to the Headquarters of Burt’s Bees.:
    Find the live Bee Hive and read this fantastic company’s history. Begin at the Swarm Wall Mural on the side of the building. Continue on the Walking Wall Mural Tour of Durham.

Clue: Who is this Burt, and why was he obsessed with bees?
Answer: Burt Shavitz and the co-founder Roxanne Quimby left their hectic lives so Burt could keep bees and Roxanne could make candles. Their candle-making business was so successful they expanded to personal care products, soap, and fragrance.

  • Continue to Corcoran Street Garage Parking Deck:
    If you only want to see a few murals, this is a great time to continue to Corcoran Street Garage Parking Deck. If you go all the way up to the top of the parking deck, you get the best view of Bull Durham! 

Clue: What famous actors played in the timeless classic movie Bull Durham?
Answer: Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins.

  • Head over to 21 C Museum Hotel Durham:
    Want an edgy addition to your time out? Head over to 21 C Museum Hotel Durham. If you go all the way to the basement, you can walk through the underground bank vault, look at the current exhibits, and use the mysterious bathrooms with glass enclosures until you lock the door. 

Clue: What is the hidden past of the Underground Bank Vault?
Answer: You have to hunt for the answer.

  • You will need to drive to your next location
    or you have skipped all the walking and interesting history and went straight for one of the best ice cream shops in the Triangle. Located in the historical Golden Belt, Two Roosters has something for everyone who loves ice cream.

Clue: Where did Two Roosters get started?
Answer: On the porch of a piedmont farmhouse in North Carolina, beneath the watch of Granny’s two black wooden roosters.

If you want more time to go out and see these amazing things, call us and have a local women-owned and operated cleaning company in Durham clean your home!