Should I Hire a Professional House Cleaner For My Apartment?

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Maybe you were searching for answers to deep questions, googling for a friend, or typing the all-important questions like “Should I hire a Professional House Cleaning Service”? Or maybe you were searching for a “House Cleaner near me” Don’t we all want to know that we are not alone, especially when it comes to house cleaning? As children, we were told what to clean and when and perhaps we were even rewarded for keeping our spaces clean; adulting can leave us drained.

So let’s talk about cleaning your apartment. How often do you have designated cleaning time per week? Do you gather the tools and household cleaners and do the vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, and cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms, including the shower and toilets? Whew, that sounds like a lot for one designated time. You are like most people; spot cleaning reigns. Dust a table here, mop the floor when you can see crumbs and debris, or friends are coming over, and they will use the guest bathroom. Most people do not experience having their homes cleaned from top to bottom all at once with commercial-grade eco-friendly cleaners.
If we were to be honest, most people don’t have the time or energy to clean their apartments. Still, even if they did, they might not realize some significant benefits to hiring professional house cleaners instead of doing it themselves. Here are some reasons why hiring a professional is something to consider.

Professional House Cleaners have the training and a strategy.

 A professional house cleaner will come with all the necessary equipment, tools, and commercial-grade cleaners, and they have been trained to clean. They will be able to care for your home in a way that is best suited for your floors, counters, showers, tubs, and toilets. They are systems and order to cleaning that most people aren’t aware of or interested in learning.

Deep Cleaning includes everything from vacuuming to scrubbing bathroom tiles.  House cleaning professionals know how to eliminate germs and stains and give your entire home a sparkle and shine. You deserve it! Schedule your professional house cleaning if you don’t have time to clean your apartment regularly and would prefer to try a new hiking trail or coffee shop.
  • Efficiency: Professional apartment cleaning services are the best way to ensure your place is clean and disinfected.  We know about house cleaning at Carpe Diem Cleaning in Durham, North Carolina, and we have been in the house cleaning business for almost 30 years. 2-3 trained cleaners do routine cleaning, so it takes half the time than one apartment owner who may need to focus more on clutter, interruptions, and procrastinating.  A professional apartment cleaning service will do all the chores most of us don’t enjoy, like vacuuming the floors, scrubbing the bathroom, dusting surfaces, washing windows inside and out, wiping down kitchen counters, removing cobwebs from ceilings or light fixtures, cleaning dirty grout lines between tiles on floors or walls and scrubbing the toilets and tubs.
  • Convenience: 

    Apartment residents often lead busy lives at different hours of the day and night. That’s why it’s much more convenient to have a professional house cleaner come in on time instead of your own. Plus, this person may be more skilled in cleaning your space than you are—especially if you live in an apartment building with shared areas and tons of traffic. And because apartments typically have low ceilings and tight spaces, reaching all of the nooks and crannies with just a vacuum or broom can be difficult. Professionals use tools that don’t require as much physical effort as vacuums or brooms. Professional house cleaners are used to each apartment type and know which surfaces need attention. Finally, they use environmentally safe products so that if there is little ventilation, it won’t bother the residents.

  • Physical Health: 

    One of the main advantages of hiring a professional house cleaner is for overall physical health. Many people suffer from allergies and asthma, and we are battling all kinds of viruses. Staying on top of regularly scheduled cleaning service visits can help reduce the number of allergens in your home, making you less likely to experience an allergic reaction. Less dirt also means fewer bacteria, cleaner air quality, less dust, fewer respiratory problems, and fewer outbreaks of airborne viruses. Regular cleaning service visits keep your furniture looking newer because they remove stains and pet hair that accumulate over time. In addition, a good cleaning service professional has the knowledge and skills to clean all rooms in your apartment thoroughly.

  • Reduces clutter: 

    If you are anything like the above-average person, clutter is causing you mental stress and frustration in your everyday life. We can all relate to the feeling of never being able to find what we are looking for in our messy homes because everything has its place, but it gets mixed up somewhere along the way. Preparing for a professional house cleaner means clearing off counter clutter. We know that one small step toward organization leads to another step toward clearing the clutter in our minds and counters. Since clutter is a deeply personal issue, we put together some things to consider about claustrophobic clutter. Clutter accumulates fast, and it can steal our peace of mind.

    • Having a “home” for everything and returning items to where they belong works to manage clutter.
    • Provide yourself and anyone else with you a place for “junk,” like a drawer or basement closet.
    • If you don’t use it, donate, recycle, or give it to someone else.

    It can help to set aside some time every week for decluttering. Go room by room, shelf by shelf, and be mindful of your choices. Pause with each object in your hand, think about whether it belongs, and make an intentional choice about where it belongs or let it go. 

  • Mental Health – Work/Life Balance: 

    A professional regular cleaning service can give you much-needed time to enjoy the people and pets you love. Hiring someone to clean your apartment will free up your time to enjoy the people and pets you love. Many people find themselves burning out from having too many responsibilities, and it wears you down if your life is out of balance with work and chores.

    A reputable house cleaning service will charge you for the person-hours it takes to clean your home, not charging you a flat rate. A house cleaning company has many employees, so the time that works for you is honored. You don’t have to re-schedule if a cleaner is out sick; they will send someone else with the same excellent standard.

So when should you schedule a Deep Cleaning?. Cleaning experts agree that you should give your house or apartment extra care at least four times a year.  After cleaning thousands of homes, we have found that the result does so much, for personal well-being that people schedule regular residential cleaning services. Reach out today!